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This page is an index to both noteworthy content and recent posts at this website. The header and footer wish to note their objection to calling this a blog, because that word is both fluid and trendy; but this qualifies on most counts (and "Posts" got 30% fewer hits). Below you'll find:

In the former, tap icons or titles to visit pages. In the latter, higher means newer (roughly), and means off-site for hover-challenged gadgets. As of 2022, the latter's posts have also begun relocating to a continuation page for space. Most items on this page are not book-specific; for resources that are, see your book's support page.

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Best-of bits: general, programs, and Android.


Teaching Python — 25 Years of Spam
icon Some history, opinion, and comedy from my quarter century of Python training, writing, and promotion (so far). If you have time, be sure to visit its photo gallery by tapping its top-of-page scroll—or this.
Python Changes 2014+ — Frankenthon Lives!
icon A technical and subjective-but-fair look at Python's expansion and convolution since the publication of Learning Python, 5th Edition. Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times...
Class Workbook — Free Python Tutorial
icon The HTML workbook from my former classes. It's not much without the words and interaction that go with it, and there are holes where live demos belong, but you may find some of it useful.
Python Strings — The Web Cut
icon An early-draft tutorial on Unicode and byte strings in Python, that went on to fame and fortune in large books, and evolved separately here. Read the tangled tale and kiss your ASCII goodbye.


thumbspage — Image-Gallery Builder
icon A program that uses Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to turn a folder of images into a gallery viewable both online and offline in any desktop or mobile browser. Plus rotating space monkeys.
Mergeall — Sync sans Cloud
icon A cross-platform GUI+script that does fast backup and change propagation for content folders, no clouds required. With Mergeall, your stuff is your property, not someone else's point of control.
ziptools — Python's zipfile "++"
icon A program+library that creates and extracts zips on all platforms, with tools Python's zipfile module lacks: symlink archiving, DST/timezone neutrality, and much more. Think zipfile on steroids.
tagpix — Organize Those Photos
icon A tool that merges photos, adds origin dates to make them unique, and automatically handles duplicates—ideal for folks who let their picture folders grow out of control (and we know who we are).
Programs Central — Get Free Apps Here
icon The distribution center for more free programs and software written in the Python programming language, which run on both PCs and smartphones, and come with privacy baked in. Track this!


Mergeall on Android — Wishful Syncing?
icon Run Mergeall on your Android smartphone to sync content to and from a USB drive. No phone rooting or card removal required, though Android bugs and permissions keep it interesting.
tkinter on Android — Yes, It Works
icon Use desktop-level Python tkinter GUIs on your Android devices, as long as you're willing to run an app's IDE, code around a few glitches, and tolerate freemium advertising. Hey—it's Android.
Android 11 — Just Say No
icon Learn about Android's latest agenda-laden release, which narrows USB access, slows shared storage to a crawl, and slashes utility. Because we're not to be trusted with our own phones.
Android Deltas Sync — Just Say Yes
icon Use Python to sync folders between your PC and phone by USB, despite Android 11's removal of POSIX USB access, and Samsung's removal of microSD cards. Bust your content out of Big-Tech prison today!
PC-Phone USB Sync — The Last Word
icon Sync folders between PCs and phones by USB, with a Python-coded standalone app that negates Android lockdowns, sports a seamless UI, and runs everywhere. Despite Google's best efforts. Tap Note here.

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