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Mark Lutz is the author of Python's classic and foundational texts, a former trainer with two decades of experience teaching Python to newcomers, and one of the people responsible for the prominence that Python enjoys today.

Mark is the author of the three O'Reilly books Learning Python, Programming Python, and Python Pocket Reference, all currently in fourth or fifth editions. He has been using and promoting Python since 1992, started writing Python books in 1995, and began teaching Python classes in 1997. As of late 2020, Mark has:

Together, Mark's quarter century of Python efforts so far have helped to establish it as one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Though no longer teaching formal classes today, he continues to advocate improvement in Python, open source, and the software field at large through his posts, programs, and books.

In addition, Mark has been a software professional for four decades. He holds BS and MS degrees in computer science from the University of Wisconsin where he explored implementations of the Prolog language, and over his career has worked as a software developer on compilers, programming tools, scripting systems, and assorted client/server and business applications.

For more author background, see Mark's Teaching Python career retrospective; his former training website; and his current books-and-software site at learning-python.com. For contacts, click or tap the copyright link below.


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