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Mark Lutz is an ex-trainer

Thanks for your interest in Python training, but I was no longer available for teaching classes as of October 2016. I've retained this training website for its historical value; you're welcome to:

I also invite you to consider my Python books as alternative learning resources. Although they lack the live interaction of a class, the books embed both the content and spirit of the classes I taught over two decades, and can provide extra depth and personalized pace that classes usually cannot. While my classes are no longer available, I hope my books will continue to serve Python learners of all stripes for many years to come.

For the story behind this change—plus photos from the training road—see the discussion and links here.

Learn Python at Your Site

Looking to bring a group up to speed on Python quickly? Mark Lutz, author of Python's earliest and best-selling books, pioneering figure in the Python world since 1992, and Python trainer since 1997, offers live, in-person Python classes held at your location, and designed to provide your students with the head start they need to begin using Python effectively in their work.

Training Services Overview

Is considered to be one of the top 5 or 10 most widely used programming languages in the world today. It is a powerful object-oriented scripting language, designed to optimize developer productivity and software quality, and used in a wide variety of products and roles — from system administration, data mining, and hardware testing, to website development, instrumentation, and scientific programming. Counted among Python's user base are Google, Industrial Light & Magic, YouTube, ESRI, Dropbox, NASA, and many others.

This course
Provides an intensive, hands-on, and in-depth introduction to the Python language itself, as well as a survey of tools and techniques used in common Python applications such as GUIs, the Internet, databases, and text processing. This flexible 3-day class covers the latest versions of Python and up-to-date best practice; is delivered on-site and in-person, as private sessions taught at your facilities; and can be focused towards a wide variety of student backgrounds and needs.

Mark Lutz
Is the most experienced Python trainer in the world, and the instructor of all our classes. He has been teaching Python classes for 18 years, and has taught some 260 sessions for 4,000 students in the US and abroad. His classes use instructional techniques which mirror those in his widely read books, augmented by the immediate feedback and focus-enabling context that only a live class can provide. From diverse corners of the software field, clients both large and small have chosen Mark Lutz's classes for their Python training needs.

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For more information about our classes, browse the links on both the top left corner of all the major pages on this site, and the footer toolbar present on every page. You can also fetch a brief printable class summary document, and browse recent announcements on our news list. To inquire about current availability or to schedule a class at your site, please contact us.

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