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This page describes our company and background. Its sections:

For class content details, see the curriculum page. For pricing, see the prices page. To inquire about current availability or to schedule a class at your site, please contact us.



All our classes are taught by Mark Lutz, Python programmer since 1992, author of multiple Python books since 1995, and Python trainer since 1997. Mark has been in the software field for 30 years, and has been using, promoting, and teaching Python for two decades. For more on the instructor's background, see the formal and supplemental bio pages.


Prior Classes

Though not actively maintained, a list of prior classes held through 2015 is available here for reference. For the instructor's current availability, please contact us.



Learning any programming language as sophisticated as today's Python requires a substantial investment in time and focus, spanning a progression of steps: from initial introduction, to in-depth study, to practical project experience. Especially for less-experienced students, this can be an ongoing process that spans months or years, depending on required skill level.

Our classes are designed to optimize the first steps of this process — to jumpstart your Python learning experience. They:

Naturally, no 3-day class alone is enough to transform a novice into a Python "master of the universe," and most students will benefit from additional learning tools, including books and real-world experience. However, our classes do provide the solid foundation needed to begin the process well. By attending our classes, students get a crucial head start with Python, and gain a strategic advantage over less structured approaches.

For information on class content and prerequisites, please see the curriculum page. For our take on video/web-based training, see this section.



Mark Lutz is both the sole instructor and the sole proprietor of his training business.

He started his training business in 1997 to meet the early and rapidly growing demand for Python instruction. It quickly became the leading Python course offering in the world, providing over 250 classes in the US and abroad as of 2012. Mark's classes are delivered as private on-site sessions, are taught live and in-person, and are available to companies and groups both large and small.

In addition, Mark's classes offer topic flexibility which helps focus the class on your students' needs, as well as all-inclusive pricing which can simplify your planning.

For information about the instructor's background, please see his biographical page maintained at this site. To inquire about current availability or to schedule a class at your site, please contact us.



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