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This page describes the setup requirements of our classes. Its sections:

For class content and pricing details, see the curriculum and pricing pages. For additional background details, see the about page. To inquire about current availability or to schedule a class at your site, please contact us.


Setup Considerations

For training coordinators, this section provides a rundown of the typical setup considerations for holding a successful class at your site.

In general, class setup is generally simple, and can proceed quickly. The first step is usually to select class dates, which are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Once scheduled:

We do not require formal contracts, but please see the pricing notes on the prices page for more on our policy on this subject. The following sections go into more details on your setup requirements.

Student Workbooks: Web, plus optional CDs or USB sticks

The class workbook is provided in HTML form on the Web at a website disclosed in class. On request, it is also provided on either student CDs or USB flashdrives which the instructor brings along to the class. Paper workbook copies are not generated. For more details, please see the workbook description in the curriculum page.

Please note: the default class workbook distribution is its online Web format, which requires that students have Web access on their classroom computers. The optional CD and USB formats require machines with usable drives or ports. If any of your students will not be able to meet any of these requirements, see the curriculum page's workbook section for other distribution options. Please contact us ahead of the class to either elect the CD or USB options, or make other arrangements as needed.

Classroom Internet Access

Internet access is required to use the default Web version of the class workbook. If students will instead be using the optional CD or USB workbook formats, Internet access is not required for students, either to view class materials or work on laboratory exercises. It is also not required for the instructor for any workbook option. However, Web access in the classroom is generally recommended, both for students who may prefer or need to view the Web version of the workbook, and for the instructor's use. If available, Internet access will be used by the instructor to show supplemental Web resources as needed, and may be used to run Internet programming examples later in the class.

Classroom Configuration

You'll provide a classroom with a laptop projector and writing surface, and make sure that students have computers for doing lab exercises and accessing the class workbook on the Web, student CDs, or student USB flashdrives:

Software Requirements

No software must generally be installed ahead of the class. The student workbook is made available in class as described above and does not require an install step, and Python is normally self-installed by students during the first lab session with the instructor's assistance.

To install Python, Python self-installers are made available either on the Web or on student CDs or USB sticks. Students normally run these self-installers during the first lab session if required. Note that installation is a simple click-and-go process, but may require install permissions for students at some sites.

If students computers already have a Python preinstalled, the most recent version is preferred, though most older versions suffice for the class (please inquire for details if your students must use an older Python). Clients who wish to preinstall Python can find it at www.python.org, but please ask which version to install if you are unsure; most clients using existing software will want the latest 2.X Python today, but some may opt to use the latest 3.X version instead.

Supplemental Textbook Suggestions

Because students are provided with a complete class workbook, no other textbooks are required. Please see the curriculum page for suggested supplemental texts that some clients or students may wish to consider obtaining.


Setup Checklists

For quick reference, the following sections summarize common requirements of most classes.

Class Logistics

We will generally hash out the following items by the time a class is formally scheduled:

Classroom Setup

You should provide a classroom at your site with these provisions:

Student Needs

You'll want to make sure the following student requirements are met:

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