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Welcome to the products page for Frigcal. Frigcal is a calendar GUI program coded in Python/Tk, which stores your calendar entries in portable ICS files that work across platforms and programs. With Frigcal, your calendar data is your business, not something to be scanned and monetized by nosy companies. For quick screenshots plus a brief overview of Frigcal's features, see its User Guide's Introducing Frigcal.

New: see the how-to for using Frigcal on Android.


Frigcal is available as a Mac app, Windows exe (both 64- and 32-bit), Linux executable, and full and portable source-code package. Click the download link below to fetch the package you wish to use. The app, exe, and executable packages are easier to install and run, and may be your best choice unless you plan on studying the program's code or running it on Android. For more details on these packages, as well as their complete install and usage instructions, see the main README.txt file.

Mac OS (X) app Download
Windows exe, 64 bit Download
Windows exe, 32 bit Download
Linux executable Download
Source-code package Download

App/executable users: be sure to see the tips and fixes for first-run warnings on Mac OS and Windows; blurry GUIs on Windows 10; start-up speed on Linux and Windows; and app-folder permissions on Mac OS.

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