Android Deltas Sync: Screenshots

This gallery hosts screenshots mentioned in the usage guide of the deltas-sync package. These capture scripts, tools, and permissions on Android, as well as usage on PCs. Phone shots were taken on Androids 10 through 13, and script images were captured with this package's versions 1.0 through 1.2, but these demos work the same across all these Androids and releases. For more info, read the narration along the way by tapping Note, or up-swiping on images on touch displays. Gadget fans: see also the phone-shots gallery for a peek at the devices used to capture Android shots here.

Disclaimer: some of these were taken before the package was renamed in Oct-2022 per the title above, and cannot be readily recreated today (comprehensive demos are, well, comprehensive). Please pardon the occasional "Scripts" along the way.

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