File: pyedit-products/unzipped/docetc/examples/RunCode-examples/_README.txt

Test all the .py files in Capture mode, for source-code and frozen exe proxy modes.

Test some .py files in Console or Click mode (from shell if input(); GUIs work okay).

Test non-.pys and GUI .pys in Click modes (e.g., the html, and this txt - which 
will open in PyEdit too if you've associated it or its filetype to do so).

See also screenshots of and expected ouput in tests here.

For more tests: 

1) Open mergeall's, and run in Console mode on a 
   large folder tree for both TO and FROM, in '-report' mode
   (e.g., args = "C:\MY-SUFF C:\MY-STUFF -report" on Windows 
                 "/MY-STUFF /MY-STUFF -report" on Mac)
   This may generate much output to be scrolled, possibly
   including Unicode filenames.
2) Open mergeall's launch-mergeall-GUI.pye, and run in all
   modes (this makes a non-console GUI that runs

3) Open PyEdit's to run PyEdit in PyEdit (until
   your head explodes...).  When run from a frozen proxy, 
   some of PyEdit's state will actually be that of the proxy's.

4) Configure an alternative Python exe's path in
   and run tests here; shows paths and such.
   This works the same for both frozen and source-code proxies.
   A Python 2.X works too, including __future__ imports (the
   code being run must decide to use either 2.X or 3.X prints).

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