File: frigcal-products/unzipped/MonthImages/README.txt

This is the default month images folder and content.

To change month images, place 12 image files in your month images
folder, with names that give their relative month by sort order.

To display month images, the system:
1) Lists all items in your images folder
2) Removes non-file items (e.g., subfolders)
3) Removes non-image files (e.g., this .txt file)
4) Sorts the remaining items by their file names 
5) Loads the item for the month's relative number (e.g., Jan is #1)

Your month folder defaults to MonthImages in the program's own
folder (the folder here), but you may change this to use any folder
on your computer by changing the folder's "imgpath" variable in the
file "" in the program's root directory.  

For example, you may set this variable to point to a subfolder in 
the AlternateMonthImages folder here to use a different image set:

    imgpath = r'MonthImages\AlternateMonthImages\DrawnImages1'
    imgpath = r'MonthImages\AlternateMonthImages\OriginalLabeled\Large'

To use month image sets of your own, either change this folder's 
content in-place, or change ..\'s imgpath to 
point to a different folder where your 12 images are stored:

    imgpath = r'C:\my-folder\calendarimages'

For possibly more image file sets, see the zipfiles at the following
URL (this content may or may not be updated over time):

Fetch and unzip into a month images folder on your machine, or create 
an image set of your own; most image file types are supported by the 
underlying Pillow library (see the update ahead).

You may place arbitrary subfolders and non-image files in your images 
folders.  Unknown or corrupted image files in this folder may still fail
to display, and some image types may not work without a Pillow (PIL)
install, though the program will still run*.

FOR MORE DETAILS, see the following sections in ..\UserGuide.html:

  * Using the Program => Data Files
  * Using the GUI => Border Control Actions

*UPDATE: as of version 1.6, Pillow is no longer required to display month 
images, when using either:

1) PNG images and a Python that uses Tk 8.6 or later (standard
   Windows installs of Python 3.4 or later satisfy this requirement), or 

2) GIF or PPM/PPG images and any Python 3.X (and any Tk)

See version 1.6 notes in doc file ..\UserGuide.html for more details.
As a guideline, use PNG images and Python 3.4 or later on Windows for 
image quality and install simplicity.

Because of the new rules, the default image set here now uses PNG files
instead of the original JPEGs, so that month images work out of the box 
with no Pillow install in all standard Pythons 3.4+ installs on Windows. 

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