To enter a drawing for a free Python book, fill out your name here and press the Submit button:


Winners will be selected from among form submissions at random, by a Python script which can be viewed online at this site:

As described there, the Python script's source code is also online (use your browser's "view source" to see this page's HTML code too):

In order to work around the security constraints at some sites, the pylotto script can run the lottery in 3 different main modes, selected by command-line options or query parameters: to select from emails, to select from names in a file created by this page, or to select from names typed into a local file manually. Its results can be displayed in console or CGI web reply page formats, and a variety of administrative and test modes are also available.

Note that submitting this form is equivalent to submitting a URL of the following form, typed into a browser window or sent with Python's urllib or similar:
To run the lottery, a URL of the following form is submitted by the instructor (only — if you run this URL yourself, its results will be ignored!):

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