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The following lists known Python books and other major publications, as of the latest update to this page (at various points in 2002). I've tried to group these into some sort of logical fashion (e.g., topic, author), but please don't read anything into the list order here. Given the rapid growth this domain is currenty experiencing, I tend to not keep this list very up to date, and I am probably missing a few entries. Check the python.org book list or commercial sites such as amazon.com for more information, as well as cover photos and links. New: another independent Python books list lives at this site.

English Books

  1. Learning Python O'Reilly, by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, April 1999
  2. Programming Python O'Reilly, by Mark Lutz, October 1996
  3. Programming Python, 2nd Edition O'Reilly, by Mark Lutz, March 2001
  4. Python Pocket Reference O'Reilly, by Mark Lutz, November 1998
  5. Python Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition O'Reilly, by Mark Lutz, November 2001
  6. Python Essential Reference New Riders, by David Beazley, October 1999
  7. Python Essential Reference (Second Edition) New Riders, by David Beazley, June 2001
  8. Python Programming on Win 32 O'Reilly, by Mark Hammond and Andy Robinson, January 2000
  9. Python and Tkinter Programming Manning, by John Grayson, February 2000
  10. Jython New Riders, by Robert Bill, January 2002
  11. Perl to Python Migration Addison Wesley, by Martin Brown, November 2001
  12. Learn to Program Using Python Addison Wesley, Alan Gauld, January 2001
  13. The Quick Python Book Manning, by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald, October 1999
  14. Sams Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours Sams, by Ivan Van Laningham, April 2000
  15. Core Python Programming Prentice Hall, Wesley Chun, December 2000
  16. Python Annotated Archives McGraw-Hill, by Martin Brown, November 1999
  17. Programming with Python Prima Publishing, by Tim Altom, December 1999
  18. Python Standard Library O'Reilly, by Fredrik Lundh, May 2001
  19. Python 2.1 Bible Hungry Minds, by David Brueck and Stephen Tanner, June 2001
  20. Python Programming Patterns Prentice Hall, by Thomas Christopher, January 2002
  21. Python: Developers Handbook Sams, by Andre DOS Santos Lessa, Andre S. Lessa, December 2000
  22. Python: The Complete Reference McGraw-Hill, by Martin Brown, September 2001
  23. Python: Visual Quickstart Guide Peachpit Press, by Chris Fehily, October 2001
  24. Python: How to Program Prentice Hall, by Deitel, Deitel, and Wiedermann, February 2002
  25. The Zope Book New Riders, by Amos Latteier and Michel Pelletier, July 2001
  26. Zope: Web Application Development and... New Riders, by Spicklemire, Friedly, Spicklemire, and Brand, December 2001
  27. The Book of Zope No Starch Press, by Beehive (editor), October 2001
  28. Internet Programming with Python MIS Press, by Aaron Watters et. al., October 1996 (out of print)
  29. Web Programming in Python: Techniques... Prentice Hall, by Thiruvathukal et. al., October 2001
  30. Python Web Programming New Riders, by Steve Holden, January 2002
  31. XML Processing With Python Prentice Hall, by Sean Mcgrath, Summer 2000
  32. Python & XML O'Reilly, by Fred Drake and Chris Jones, December 2001
  33. Jython Essentials O'Reilly, by Pedroni and Rappin, early 2002
  34. Python Cookbook O'Reilly, by the Python community, mid-2002


  1. Python in a Nutshell O'Reilly, by Alex Martelli, 2002?
  2. Python for the World Wide Web Peachpit Press, by Fehily and Vick, 2001?
  3. Python for the Web No Starch Press, by Dustin Mitchell, 2002?
  4. Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries Addison-Wesley, by Richard Hightower, July 2002?
  5. Text Processing with Python Sybex, by David Mertz, early 2002?


  1. GUI programming with Python and Qt OpenDocs, by Boudewijn Rempt, Jan. 2002, from www.opendocs.org
  2. Python: Library Reference Prime Time Freeware's documentation series, from www.ptf.com/dossier
  3. Python: Miscellanea Prime Time Freeware's documentation series, from www.ptf.com/dossier
  4. Handbook of Programming Languages, Volume III Macmillan, by Mark Lutz, Summer 1998, includes a 120 page Python chapter
  5. Python Library Reference toExcel.com prints the Library and Language References and Tutorial
  6. The Standard Python Library (the eff-bot guide to) eBook, by Fredrik Lundh, October 1999, available from fatbrain.com
  7. MySQL and mSQL (with Python coverage) O'Reilly, by Yarger, Reese, and King, August 1999
  8. Programming Web Services with XML-RPC (with Python coverage) O'Reilly, by Laurent, Johnston, and Dumbill, June 2001
  9. Professional Linux Programming (with Python coverage) Wrox Press, by Matthes and Stones, et al, September 2000
  10. XML Scripting with Perl and Python Sybex, by Martin Brown, 2001?
  11. (Various Zope books, with Python coverage) Search amazon.com for a full list of Zope titles

Non-English Publications

  1. Einstieg in Python German, Galileo Press, by Thomas Theis, September 2002
  2. Das Python-Buch German, Addison-Wesley-Longman, by Martin von Löwis and Nils Fischbeck, 1997
  3. Mit Python programmieren German, dpunkt.verlag, by Tobias Himstedt and Klaus Mänzel, 1999
  4. Programming Python, 2nd Edition Russian translation, 2002
  5. Programming Python, 2nd Edition Dutch translation, 2002
  6. Python Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition German translation, 2002
  7. Programming Python Japanese translation, Volumes I and II, 1998
  8. Python Pocket Reference German translation, 1999
  9. Python Pocket Reference Japanese translation, 1999
  10. Python Pocket Reference French translation, May 2000
  11. Learning Python German translation, January 2000
  12. Learning Python French translation, February 2000
  13. Learning Python Japanese translation, Summer 2000
  14. Learning Python Korean translation, 2001?
  15. Learning Python Chinese translation, 2002
  16. Learning Python Polish translation, 2002
  17. Python & XML German translation, to appear 2002


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