pixindex — Make/Upload Photos Page+Zipfile

This small Python 3.X program generates an HTML page to view a folder of images — inline in the page, by links in the page, and by an automatically created and linked zipfile of the photos — and then transfers the photos and generated zipfile and HTML page to a site folder by FTP.

This program's page is relatively basic; its HTML can be enhanced arbitrarily by editing the script, and the newer thumbspage program is a more complete gallery solution. Still, this is a prime example of the sorts of tactical roles that Python excels at, in addition to its larger-scale strategic roles.


See the main script's docstring and other items below for usage details.

Code and docs:



Use the following to fetch pixindex, or view its unzipped content.

This program was last changed: April 2015.

For a related and more-comprehensive tool that generates image galleries with thumbnails and viewers, see thumbspage. For code that unzips a zipfile, see this page. For more code examples, see the programs page.

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