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The update lists

Below are links to the current and official lists of corrections and general notes for this edition of the book. They have been split off to separate pages in the interest of space:

Only the first of these is true errata (corrections). The second and third contain supplemental information for readers about both this book, and changes in Python itself. Be sure to check the last two pages for extra examples, as well as new information about Python 2.6 and 3.0.

Typos happen

As usual, both I and O'Reilly's production staff have worked very hard to make this book as typo-free and accurate as possible. And as usual, a set of errata have managed to find their way into the book anyhow. Although this is perhaps the most typo-free book I have written to date, errata are an unavoidable fact of life in this field.

To put a more personal spin on that, after writing 9 computer books over the last 13 years, I believe I can state with some authority that book publishing is no place for a perfectionist to be. As you'll notice in the corrections list, even if an author doesn't break things, the editing and production processes almost certainly will. Roughly one third of the errata listed there were introduced by editing and production, steps that are supposed to fix problems. Moreover, changes in Python itself can invalidate some material over time. I maintain these updates pages both to address such factors, and serve as a supplement to the book.

O'Reilly's list

Also see O'Reilly's errata page for this book, which may or may not intersect with my corrections list here over time. Their list contains items emailed to O'Reilly, not to me. Please note: I check their page only occasionally, and some of its items may not be legitimate errata. In fact, its unconfirmed list often includes incorrect suggestions from readers that would break valid code! Be sure to look for errata here, or in O'Reilly's "confirmed" list only.

Fixes happen too

Finally, note that O'Reilly has been fixing some errata in later printings of this edition. On the corrections list page, the descriptions of items that have been patched begin with the date of the printing in which they were fixed, in parenthesis. For example, "(fixed 7/08)" means the item was fixed in the 7/08 reprint. At this writing, the most recent reprint occurred on 12/08, and fixed all but one of the remaining items in the corrections list here. The date of a book reprint is listed on the bottom right corner on the back side of the second cover page.

If you find something else that looks like a possible error, or have a general query about the book, please either contact O'Reilly, or contact me per the end of this page. (O'Reilly forwards all contacts to me, so email me directly if you prefer to skip a step). We'd like to patch errata in future printings or editions, and very much welcome the wide scrutiny this book has been fortunate enough to receive.

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