Learning Python Status

Wondering when this book will be available? Here is a blurb I posted on comp.lang.python to address the issue.

"Learning Python" status update
Author: Mark Lutz
Date: 1999/03/11
Forum: comp.lang.python

I've been getting private requests for information on the 
release date of _Learning Python_, the new O'Reilly book.
In the interest of saving bandwidth, I thought it might 
help to give a status update to this group at large.

Here's the scoop: We've finished reviewing the final version
of the book, it's scheduled to go to the printer next week
(3/17), and it should start shipping roughly 3 weeks after 
that.  O'Reilly gets copies back from the printer on 4/5,
but it's not officially in stock until 4/9.  Naturally, it 
may take a bit longer to reach your corner bookstore.

For more details, watch O'Reilly's site: www.oreilly.com, 
or mine: rmi.net/~lutz/about-lp.html.

--Mark Lutz (http://learning-python.com)

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