January 12, 2001


Kaivo Announces Python Training Partnership
Kaivo, a leading Open Source solutions provider, announced that they will be partnering with Mark Lutz, one of the primary figures in the Python community, in the delivery of Python education and training.

The three day course, “Python for Programmers” is an in-depth, hands-on introduction to the Python programming / scripting language. Students will learn Python language fundamentals as well as how to apply Python in a handful of common application domains, such as Internet scripting, systems programming, and user interface development.  “Python for Programmers” has been successfully presented to both programming experts and novices. Therefore there are no absolute prerequisites for it other than basic computer familiarity. Some prior background in programming may help for later topics, but is not generally required.

The first course will be offered February 21 to 23 in Denver, CO.  Detailed course information and on-line registration is available at http://www.kaivo.com/KaivoCourses/catalog or call Kaivo at 303-539-0200 and ask for a training coordinator.  Kaivo plans to co-sponsor future classes, in Denver as well as other parts of the country—check www.kaivo.com for periodic updates to the schedule.


"Our customers and potential customers are constantly requesting Python training," said Kathy Gosa, VP Education, of Kaivo. "The extremely rapid growth of the Python community has driven us to provide the best training possible.  We are very excited to be partnering with someone of Mark’s expertise.”


Mark Lutz is a Python trainer, writer, and software developer, and is one of the primary figures in the Python community. He is the author of the O'Reilly books “Programming Python” and “Python Pocket Reference” and co-author of “Learning Python”. Mark has been involved with Python since 1992, and began teaching Python classes in 1997.


“I’m excited to be working with Kaivo,” said Lutz, “especially due to their experience with open systems and open source.  I think their co-sponsoring of this class and future classes indicates the continuing rapid growth of Python adoption.”








Kaivo began as a UNIX education and training provider in 1984.  We have been educating customers on the benefits and power of Open Systems and Open Source tools for sixteen years.  That experience has taught us how important technical training can be to the rapid adoption and successful implementation of a powerful tool like Python.


Python is a popular object-oriented scripting language, used for a wide variety of programming tasks.  Visit www.python.org for more information, and to download the most current Python release free.


Mark Lutz can be reached by email at lutz@rmi.net, or on the web at http://learning-python.com


Kathy Gosa

VP Education


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