iconify — Windows and Mac Icons from PNG Images

This is the distribution page for iconify, a Python script that uses a set of presized images to create icon files for both Windows and Mac OS, and can be run on either platform, as well as Linux, Android, and others. With iconify, you can make Windows icons on a Mac, and vice versa.


This Python 3.X/2.X command-line program creates both .ico Windows-style and .icns Mac OS-style icon files from presized image files in a folder. The icons it makes can be used in GUIs, apps, and other contexts.

iconify requires Python and the Pillow (PIL) image library (available here). You can run this program to make Mac and Windows icons on any platform supported by both Python and Pillow, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. iconify also works in Android and iOS apps that provide Python, Pillow, and a shell command line, though folder access may be constrained.

Beyond its utility, iconify also demonstrates low-level binary data processing with Python's struct module. It's used to build icons of all the major programs here, and also ships in their source-code package build folders.


See the items below for more about iconify.





Use the following to fetch iconify, or view its unzipped content.

This program was last changed: May 2017.

Recent upgrades: as of 2017, iconify 2.0 can create both Windows .ico icon files and Mac OS .icns icon files, from presized images—and on either Windows or Macs (among others). Check out the script's main docstring for 2.0 details.

For more code examples, see the programs page.

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