Learning Python, 1st Edition: Source-Code Page

Save your keyboard! You've reached the official source-code download page for the book Learning Python. To help you work along with the book, we've packaged up all the solutions listed in Appendix C, as well as the rest of the book's examples. Simply download and cut-and-paste into the Python command line, or your favorite text editor.

How this page works

First, click here to browse a "readme" text file describing how to go about unpacking the source-code file. Then, click here to download the source-code file itself. The source-code file is a simple gzipped tar file, which should be easy to unpack with tools like winzip, but be sure to see the readme file for help.

If you have any questions that aren't addressed in the readme, please email this page's maintainer (well, me), per the end of this page. For general questions about the code itself, you can email me or the book's other co-author, at da@ski.org. The book's errata page might also help if you can't get an example to work.

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