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CAVEAT: the footer was borrowed from main-site pages and edited for ".."s, 
because this is outside genhtml's scope; this copy is prone to fall out of 
sync with the rest of the site, though it at least reuses footer styling 
in _main.css; might have used "table.footertable td {text-align: center;}";

Mar22: UPDATED for new global toolbar format (which uses former suggestion);
Oct22: UPDATED for global again (with narrower link words, _main.css mods);
See also:'s use/munge of dummy-footer.html as a wack alternative;

<!--genhtml insert *COPY* =============================================================================-->

<!--Feb18: make table responsive, for mobile-friendly scrollbar on small screens -->
<DIV class=footerdiv>
<TABLE class=footertable bgcolor=tan>

<!-- NESTED INSERT: can't nest > 2 deep -->      

<!-- gif now is Home, not  -->
<!-- scale larger gif for better res  -->
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<!-- _main.css center aligns all <td> -->
<!-- now narrower to avoid scrollbars -->


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