File: thumbspage/examples/unicode/_README.txt

** NOTE: this folder's gallery is in its images/ subfolder **

Test Unicode (non-ASCII, non-English) filenames and page content,
as well as custom footers and default headers.

Click or tap images/index.html to open the result manually, and
"view source" or open in a text editor to see generated page code.

See ../_README.txt for more details.

This example was regenerated on 1.5 for its viewer pages and styling;
1.6 for its viewer image scaling; 1.7 for its larger image displays 
and info popups; 2.0 for its floating Top, and slideshow Auto and f
ullscreen Full buttons; 2.1 for its improved thumbnail-image quality; 
2.2 for its touch swipes; and 2.3 for its Notes and more (though 
there are no note files/buttons here)  In 2.0, FOOTER.html required 
extra space at the end for TOP (if small screens or large fonts).

See results-2.3/ for example results when browsing online.

Version 1.3 notes (results here were regenerated in 1.4 through 2.0): 

This folder tests test HTML and URL text escapes, along with 
Unicode filenames and content support.

images/index-default.html was created (on version 2.0) by renaming 
FOOTER.html to _FOOTER.html; images/index.html was made (on the latest
version) by undoing this rename to trigger custom page output.

To use the custom Unicode footer, ensure insertsEncoding = 'UTF-8'
in  This will also handle ASCII files as that 
is a subset of UTF-8, but it won't pick up a different platform
default encoding (set the variable to None for that).  To ignore
the footer file and use default footer text, simply rename the file.

Uploads Note: extra steps may be required to upload the "images" 
subfolder's files to a Linux server.  A simple "unzip" of a WinZip
zip package failed for Unicode filenames on one server, but GoDaddy's
browser-based upload tool (in domain management) worked well for this
folder's content.  You may also need to "export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8" 
to see the filenames correctly in a shell session after uploading, 
even if they work in the generated web page.

Update: see also for a Python
script that correctly zips and unzips Unicode-based content.  When
using this and Mac OS, no filename issues are encountered (though 
some filenames were also converted from Latin-1 to UTF-8 over time).

Update: thumbspage's zip file is now created by ziptools (not WinZip), 
and this folder's content within the zip is handled correctly by the 
cPanel file explorer and its Extract operation.  cPanel is available 
in most ISP accounts, including those on GoDaddy.  Users with Unicode
content are encouraged to use these or similar upload tools.

Update: some of the above has changed again, naturally; see the demo.

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