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<TITLE>Teaching Python by Mark Lutz: Photos</TITLE>


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<H2><I>Teaching Python</I>: The Photos</H2>

This page collects assorted photos from my training and writing careers.  The 
location shots are from Python training trips (1997-2015); they increase in 
both quality and quantity in later years because digital cameras hadn't yet 
taken off when I started teaching (yes, it was that long ago).
Most of the pictures here are described on the 
<A HREF="../python-activities-history.html"><I>Teaching Python</I></A> page. 

<I>Usage tips</I>: the thumbs below scroll both ways, and open custom 
image displays with navigation links.  To resize images, resize your 
desktop browser, rotate your phone, click Full, or tap for browser-native display 
(more tips <A HREF="../thumbspage/UserGuide.html#Viewing Galleries">here</A>).
To make this 
work, Python generates a browser-dependent 
<A HREF="../cgi/">stew</A>
of HTML layout, CSS styling,
and JavaScript logic; wasn't the web supposed to make this stuff easier?

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