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<title>Auto-Reorientation Examples</title>

<h1>Auto-Reorientation Examples</h1>

This page's photos were captured on assorted devices in four different device
orientations, to demonstrate the automatic right-side up rotation of images 
and their thumbnails added in thumbspage version 1.6.  The monkeys are now
all straightened up, in both the index and viewer pages.  To show the 
difference, the prior version's rendering of this example is captured 
<A HREF="../Screenshots/reorient-prior-index.png">here</A> and 
<A HREF="../Screenshots/reorient-prior-viewer.png">here</A>.

Rotated images are by default backed up to ".original" copies in the source-images
folder before they are changed; see <A HREF="../../"></A>
for settings that control auto-rotation and its backups, and this example's  
<A HREF="_HOW-MADE.txt">run log</A> for context.  You may also be interested in this 
simple <A HREF="../../docetc/">utility script</A> 
that restores all original images from their backup copies, this folder's custom 
<!-- a local filename in '.' works offline but won't display nicely online, and '../../../cgi' fails offline --> 
<A HREF="">header file</A>,
and this 
<A HREF="../console-logs/2.1-embedded-thumbs-removal.txt">console demo</A> 
of 2.1's later removal of embedded thumbnails.

So why all the bother over rotations?  To be inclusive of all viewers,
thumbspage has to rotate images itself because not all browsers do.
See the subfolder gallery below for a demo of browser support
in fall 2020, and the 
<A HREF="../../UserGuide.html#tpsansrotates">2.0 note</A> for more background.


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