File: thumbspage/examples/console-logs/linux.txt

# The latest thumbspage run in a console (a.k.a. Terminal, shell).
# Console message order is filesystem dependent; yours may vary.
# Thumbs index and navigation are ordered by sorted filenames. 
# Install Python3 and Pillow if needed, before running thumbspage.

# One way to install Pillow
$ curl -o
$ sudo python3
$ pip3 install Pillow

# Running thumbspage

ubuntu-user:~/Desktop$ python3 thumbspage/ 2018
Clean thumbs folder [y or n] (enter=y)? 
Thumbs per row [int] (enter=4)? 
Thumb max size [x, y] (enter=(100, 100))? 
Use image-viewer pages [y or n] (enter=y)? 
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-08__DSC03725.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-05-22__DSC03561.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-10__DSC03740.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-06__DSC03654.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-05__IMG_0316.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-14__DSC03748.JPG
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-02-05__IMG_0099.jpg
Making thumbnail: 2018/_thumbspage/2018-08-07__DSC03688.JPG
Generating thumbnails index page
Generating view page for: 2018-01-18__DSC03244.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-01-18__DSC03245.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-01-18__IMG_0002.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-01-18__IMG_0024.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-08-16__DSC03760.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-08-16__DSC03761.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-08-16__DSC03762.JPG
Generating view page for: 2018-08-16__DSC03765.JPG
Finished: see the results in the images folder, "2018".

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