File: thumbspage/examples/console-logs/_README.txt

This folder has examples of running thumbspage from a console
on Mac OS (High Sierra), Windows (10), Linux (Ubuntu), and 
Android (Pie, in Termux).  Any platform that supports both Python
3.X and Pillow works (iOS is untested; Pythonista bundles a Pillow).

Most of the gallery examples in ".." (one level up) also have
"_HOW-MADE.txt" files that show the console interaction run to 
produce them, though you won't be able to see most of these
online; view them locally in the unzipped package's folders.

2.3 and 2.2 update: 

As of 2.2, command-line arguments (e.g., setting=value) can 
override settings in the config file.  As of 2.3, new settings
can provide console inputs in either the config file or its
command-line arguments.  Neither of these are shown in this 
folder's console interactions--which can fully avoided with
the input-override configs.  See UserGuide.html and script
../ for more on these extensions.

2.1 update:

thumbspage now displays the image-folder name in its final run 
message, for clarity.  Logs here, and most in examples/ at 
large, have been updated to reflect this.

Also note that 2.1 does not prompt for the third console input,
thumbs per row, when its new dynamic index layout is selected 
(row size is automatic per page size in this mode), and prompts
only for folder name if the folder contains no images (no thumbs
or viewer pages are built).  Most or all console logs here show
these now-conditional inputs anyhow. 

File 2.1-embedded-thumbs-removal.txt here also demos and docs the 
new automatic removal of embedded thumbnails in rotated images.

2.0 update: 

File 2.0-console-errors.txt here demos the new console error 
reporting for input parameters that replaces the former (and 
cryptic) exception tracebacks.

1.7 update:

Launch examples in this package were updated for 1.7's new 
command-line argument, and new prompt ordering and defaults.  
Most now use the argument for folder name, which may not work
in some IDEs; with no argument, folder name is instead entered
at the first prompt.  Here are the two equivalent forms:

$ py3 /.../thumbspage/ foldername
Clean thumbs folder [y or n] (enter=y)? 
Thumbs per row [int] (enter=4)? 
Thumb max size [x, y] (enter=(100, 100))? 
Use image-viewer pages [y or n] (enter=y)? 

$ py3 /.../thumbspage/
Images folder path [. or dir] (enter=.)? foldername
Clean thumbs folder [y or n] (enter=y)? 
Thumbs per row [int] (enter=4)? 
Thumb max size [x, y] (enter=(100, 100))? 
Use image-viewer pages [y or n] (enter=y)? 

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