File: thumbspage/examples/_README.txt

Examples and tests, that double as supplemental usage documentation.

Note: this folder is not required for using thumbspage.  If its size
is significant, you can freely delete it and view most of its content 
online at  The offline copy
here allows viewing extra items in example folders not visible online,
and may work better for users on slow or metered Internet connections.

--UPDATE for version 2.3, January 2022------------------------------------

The new 2.3-upgrades/ folder demos 2.3's assorted improvements; 
see ../UserGuide.html#2.3 and the new folder's content for details.

Note that most example and demo galleries do not (yet?) have 
image notes, and so will appear the same as in 2.2 even though
they were regenerated with 2.3.  Also note that 2.3 gets scanter
coverage in examples and READMEs, due to its smaller scope, and
most build scripts don't use 2.3 input-override config args (yet?).

--UPDATE for version 2.2, December 2021-----------------------------------

The new 2.2-upgrades/ folder demos 2.2's assorted improvements; 
see ../UserGuide.html#2.2 and the new folder's demos for details.
Touch swipes cannot be shown with galleries; test-drive a demo live.

--UPDATE for version 2.1, July 2021---------------------------------------

The new 2.1-upgrades/ folder demos both 2.1's improved index-page
thumbnails, and captures the latest look-and-feel of galleries.
The new dynamiclayout/ demos 2.1's dynamic thumbs layout option.
console-logs/ was also updated for 2.1's ending image-folder display.

All galleries here and the online demos were regenerated for 2.1.
Each gallery folder now has a bash build script, and 
../build/ builds all examples/ galleries at once. 
These automate gallery folders' _HOW-MADE.txt manual instructions. 
Also, the new ../build/ is used to bundle and release.

--UPDATE for version 2.0, July 2020---------------------------------------

The new 2.0-upgrades/ folder demos both new features in 2.0, as well as
the new appearance of index and viewer pages.  Version 2.0 adds a Top
to index pages; replaces Raw with Auto in viewer pages; and modifies 
the styling of viewer toolbars slightly to better handle overflow. 

This naturally invalidates shots taken on other releases; some older
shots may be replaced over time, but please see 2.0-upgrades/ for the
latest gallery state.   Better yet, all the examples in this package, 
as well as the live demos at
were regenerated with 2.0; run them live for a current thumbspage sample.

--UPDATE for version 1.7, May 2020----------------------------------------

The new 1.7-upgrades/ folder captures most of the visual changes made in 
1.7.  See ../UserGuide.html#1.7 for the whole story on this release.
All the examples in this folder or noted in this file were regenerated
under 1.7 (hint: if clicking the filename opens a popup, 1.7 was used).

NOTE: while all example galleries were regenerated in 1.7, no images
outside the 1.7-upgrades/ folder have been updated to reflect new 1.7 
features or behavior.  See that folder for captures that demo 1.7's 
info popups, iOS landscape scaling, and larger image size overall.

--UPDATE for version 1.6, September 2018----------------------------------

All the examples in this folder or noted in this file were regenerated
under 1.6, to use its JavaScript-based dynamic image scaling on viewer 
pages.  All screen captures in Screenshots/ here were retaken as well.
Since 1.6 is an enhancement, 1.5 notes below and elsewhere apply to 1.6.

--UPDATE for version 1.5, August 2018-------------------------------------

This folder has the latest console logs, screenshots, unicode/ and 
subfolder/ examples, and trnpix demo-site results.

All examples here were tested and regenerated under version 1.6,
using its styling, viewer-pages option, and default index-page font.  

The live example sites on the web:

were also regenerated with 1.6 viewer pages and styling at release.

Other use case sites noted below either have been regenerated in 1.6,
or will be moved to 1.6 over time.

Fun fact: As of 1.5, thumbspage now does its own screenshots - the 
Screenshots folder is a thumbs index page, with 1.5 viewer pages.



The console-logs/ folder has examples of thumbspage runs in a shell,
along with a demo of 2.0's new console-input error trapping/reporting.  
Each of the following folders here is a thumbspage gallery and test:

  * 2.3-upgrades/
       Screenshots of the latest release's visual changes (e.g., its 
       viewer pages now have a Note and note popups, and tooltips are
       on by default).  See ../UserGuide.html's coverage of 2.3 changes.

  * 2.2-upgrades/
       Screenshots of the latest release's visual changes (e.g., its 
       index pages are now fully bordered, offset, and darker).  See 
       the ../UserGuide.html doc's coverage of 2.2 changes.

  * 2.1-upgrades/
        Screenshots of the preceding release's visual changes: its
        index-page thumbnails are noticeably clearer, thanks to preset 
        enhancements that boost save quality and sharpen thumb images.

  * 2.0-upgrades/
        Screenshots of version 2.0's visual changes: floating Top,
        Auto slideshows, Full fullscreen, custom info popup dialogs,
        and overflow restyling.  This folder also has general shots 
        that capture current (as of 2.0) gallery appearance in general;
        open this for a broad demo of thumbspage functionality.
  * 1.7-upgrades/
        Screenshots of version 1.7's visual changes: image-info
        popups, large-font upgrades, iOS landscape scaling, and 
        more; open its index.html for the most recent demos in 1.7.

  * dynamiclayout/
        A demo of 2.1's dynamic-layout alternative for thumbnail 
        index pages.  For space, full-size images have been removed
        from this gallery, but its index page works normally.
        Compare with the fixed-layout

  * Screenshots/
        Screen captures for all tests here, plus a few other
        additional case clients available online (see below).
        Screenshots/ is itself a thumbspage example: open its
        folder or index.html to view online; open its index.html
        to view live; or open its image files directly offline.

  * trnpix/
        The latest release's results for trnpix, the initial
        use case.  In this folder's results-2.3/ see the custom 
        HEADER and FOOTER files, and the generated index.html 
        index and _thumbspage/*.html image-viewer pages.  For 
        space, there are few images here, but there are captures
        in Screenshots/trnpix*, and the complete gallery can be 
        viewed live at

  * unicode/
        Tests thumbspage's support for Unicode filenames and 
        page content.  See Screenshots/unicode* for result 
        captures, or click the generated images/index.html 
        page in this folder to explore its results live.  Some 
        results are copied in results-2.3/ for online viewing.

  * subfolders/
        Tests both subfolder auto-links, and varying thumb sizes.
        See the result captures in Screenshots/subfolder*, or 
        click the generated page index.html in this folder
        to explore its results live.

  * reorientation/
        Tests the auto-reorientation feature added in 1.6, on 
        photos taken on various devices held in various device 
        orientations.  Per its index.html, all images and thumbs
        wind up right-side up regardless of the shooting mode, 
        and images lacking the requisite Exif tag are not rotated.
        As of 2.0, a subfolder here also shows unrotated images 
        in browsers as of fall 2020; thumbspage still must rotate.

  * mixedtypes/
        Tests an assortment of image types - JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, 
        BMPs, and others less broadly supported by web browsers.
        Most images here have been reduced in size, and many did 
        not originate on cameras.


The latter two folders above contain complete pages, including images.
However, their index.html files open automatically only when they 
reside on a web server.  Conversely, index.html files always open 
online, obscuring other folder contents.  Tips:

- If browsing offline, click index.html files to open manually. 
  In subfolders/, do so for each folder level's index.html.

- If browsing online, your browser's "view source" shows generated 
  code.  trnpix/results-2.3 and unicode/results-2.3 both have page
  copies that do not auto-open, and the zipfile has full content
  that can be viewed offline.


The most up-to-date list of live thumbspage demos is maintained here:

Most of these reside on the website hosting thumbspage.  This section 
provides tips about some of the specific demos available.

As noted earlier, the initial use case for thumbspage is available 
online here, always regenerated with the latest thumbspage release,
and chock full of typical photos:

The thumbspage Screenshots/ example folder has captures of this site's 
gadgets/ page, rebuilt with 2.3.  This client can be viewed in full at:

The Screenshots/ folder has additional shots of PyGadgets, one of the 
major app (program) clients available at thumbspage's hosting website.
All five of the available apps were updated to use thumbspage 2.3 in 
their online screenshot galleries, and will incorporate its results in
their zip packages on their next release cycles.  You can view their 
live 2.3-generated pages here:

The following site both demos custom colors and fonts, and serves
as a usage example for them.  Its page colors use, 
fonts are tailored via header CSS, and thumbs-per-row are selected
by console inputs.  Visit it live or see its captures in Screenshots/:

Lastly, the following galleries display screenshots from mobile

Watch for the latest on thumbspage.


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