File: thumbspage/examples/_HOW-MADE.txt

NEW/AUTO: each gallery folder now has a bash script to build its
gallery or galleries automatically, and ../build/ builds 
all examples/ galleries at once.  These automate _HOW-MADE.txt instructions. 

See each folder's _HOW-MADE.txt for gallery-build details.

See also: 'UserGuide.html#Running thumbspage' for alternative techniques, such 
as input file redirection, 'here' documents, and 2.3 input-override configs.

thumbspage's cheat sheet for using shrinkpix on a tree with a separate _collector folder.

To shrink images in the entire examples/ tree for online use:
   To check for large images:
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples -listonly

   Run and then its collect*.py on examples/, routing _shinkpix_all_originals/ to _private/
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples _private

   [Defunct: move by command or file manager (unless + _private in 1st cmd)]
       [/MY-STUFF/Code/thumbspage$ mv examples/_shrinkpix-all-originals/ _private/]

   If ever need to restore originals (e.g., for a new shrinkpix):
       [Run restore script on _private/_shinkpix_all_originals/ and rsync back to examples/]

       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ _private/_shrinkpix-all-originals
       $C/thumbspage$ rsync -avh _private/_shrinkpix-all-originals/ examples/
       $C/thumbspage$ mv -f _private/_shrinkpix-all-originals ~/Desktop/_shrinkpix-all-originals--PRIOR
       --and reshrink and recollect per above--

After new additions:
   To find new large images:
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples -listonly
       [this one is normal: thumbspage/examples/mixedtypes/space-monkey.gif [599070 bytes, not changed]]

   Run to individually shrink any new images added:
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples/folder/newimage.jpg
       --or: all in a folder at once--
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples/folder

   Then move saved originals to _shrinkpix-all-originals by rerunning collector script
       $C/thumbspage$ py3 $C/shrinkpix/ examples _private  [-listonly]?

And rebuild thumbspage galleries for new image info per the examples' _HOW-MADE.txt files.

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