File: site-mobile-screenshots/how-made.txt

First, add the customizations in user_config-changes.txt to thumbspage's, for this gallery's thumbs-table and viewer-page colors.
The thumbs-table's font settings are customized in the HEADER.html's CSS.
This gallery also chooses a custom thumbs-per-row option in console inputs.
The $W and $C used here are shell variables set to website and code folders.

$W/Posts$ python3 $C/thumbspage/ site-mobile-screenshots
Clean thumbs folder [y or n] (enter=n)? y
Thumbs per row [int] (enter=4)? 3
Thumb max size [x, y] (enter=(100, 100))? 
Use image-viewer pages [y or n] (enter=n)? 
Cleaning: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/B-mergeall-userguide-landscape.png
Cleaning: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/0-site-desktop.png
Cleaning: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/6-site-mobile2b.png.html
Making thumbnail: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/B-mergeall-userguide-landscape.png
Making thumbnail: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/0-site-desktop.png
Making thumbnail: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/D-pyedit-userguide-landscape.png
Skipping: index.html
Skipping: .DS_Store
Making thumbnail: site-mobile-screenshots/_thumbspage/5-site-mobile2.png
Generating thumbnails index page
Generating view page for: 0-site-desktop.png
Generating view page for: 1-site-desktop-small.png
Generating view page for: 2-site-mobile-nonav.png
Generating view page for: 3-site-mobile.png
Finished: see the results in the images folder, "site-mobile-screenshots".

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