File: pystockmood/_tempnotes.txt

temp implementation notes:
--DONE: re.findall subsumes page.count(term) for literals
--DONE: str.lower() not required idf case insensitive match
--DONE: combine nouns/verbs automatically
--DONE could encode/decode to str per utf-8 (maybe) 
--DONE: for (score, terms) in [(+1, goodterms), (-1, badterms)]: net += score * len()

# orginal coding
# assumes byte strings (b'...') to avoid a raw html text decode

goodterms = [b'wall (?:street|st) rises', 
             b'stocks rose',
             b'stocks rise',
             b'markets rose',
             b'markets rise',
             b'market rose',
             b'market rises',
             b's&p gains']

# bad is auto converse of good
badterms = goodterms.copy()
badterms = [term.replace(b'rises', b'falls') for term in badterms]
badterms = [term.replace(b'rose',  b'fell')  for term in badterms]
badterms = [term.replace(b'rise',  b'fall')  for term in badterms]
badterms = [term.replace(b'gains', b'loses') for term in badterms]

# temp list comp equiv
res = []
for term in goodterms:
    for term2 in goodterms:
        if term != term2 and term2.startswith(term):
        res .append(term)

# verb pattern effect

>>> re.findall('wall street (?:end(?:s)? )?lower', 'cccwall st ends lowerccc')
>>> re.findall('wall street (?:end(?:s)? )?lower', 'cccwall street ends lowerccc')
['wall street ends lower']
>>> re.findall('wall street (?:end(?:s)? )?lower', 'cccwall street end lowerccc')
['wall street end lower']
>>> re.findall('wall street (?:end(?:s)? )?lower', 'cccwall street lowerccc')
['wall street lower']

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