File: pygadgets-products/unzipped/_PyPhoto/PIL/

Utility: delete all PyPhoto 2.0 "thumbs" thumbnail subfolders in 
an entire folder tree, in preparation for building newer 2.1
"_PyPhoto-thumbs.pkl" files on next folder opens.  Run this on 
your PyPhoto folders after upgrading to its 2.1 PyGadgets release.

Example use (Python 3.X or 2.X):

/MY-STUFF/Code$ python3
Root of folder tree to scan (Enter=".")? /MY-STUFF/Camera
Delete "/MY-STUFF/Camera/MERGED/PHOTOS/2006/thumbs" (y=yes)? n
	not deleted
Delete "/MY-STUFF/Camera/MERGED/PHOTOS/2007/thumbs" (y=yes)? y
Delete "/MY-STUFF/Camera/MERGED/PHOTOS/2008/thumbs" (y=yes)? n
	not deleted

This script is a frozen executable run directly in PyGadgets app 
and executable packages (on Macs, see; 
on Windows you can run by clicking too):

.../$ ./delete-pyphoto2.0-thumbs-folders

Older 2.0 subfolders are not deleted automatically, because their 
name is generic and may be used by other software (a former issue).

*Caution* - not all "thumbs/" are necessarily PyPhoto 2.0 folders,
so be careful to inspect the folders in each verify input prompt.
The program, for example, uses the
same name for the folder it generates and retains (unfortunately!). 
from __future__ import print_function
import sys, os, shutil
if sys.version[0] == '2': input = raw_input

    root = input('Root of folder tree to scan (Enter=".")? ') or '.'
except (EOFError, KeyboardInterrupt):
    print('No changes made.')
    sys.exit()  # ctrl-d/z or no stdin, or ctrl-c

for (dirhere, subshere, fileshere) in os.walk(root):
    for sub in subshere:
        if sub == 'thumbs':
            subpath = os.path.join(dirhere, sub)
            if input('Delete "%s" (y=yes)? ' % subpath).lower()[:1] == 'y':
                print('\tnot deleted')


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