File: pyedit-products/unzipped/docetc/examples/RunCode-examples/

# Make sure stdlib modules not used by proxy itself are available to code:
# for frozen proxies, they are baked in; for source-code, they're on the path.
# See also for more in this department

# builtins
import sys
import gc
import marshal
if not sys.platform.startswith('win'): import posix    # not on Windows
if not sys.platform.startswith('win'): import pwd
import time
import zipimport
import sys
import errno
import builtins
import atexit

# unused source
import xml
import json                    # fail without forced inclusion
import smtplib                 # fail "
import urllib.parse
import xml.etree.ElementTree   # fail "

print('worked')   # else error messages in output stream

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