File: pixindex/examples/console-log.txt

Clean target dir first?y
Password for xxxxxxxx on
directory not created
deleting remote .
cannot delete remote .
deleting remote ..
cannot delete remote ..
deleting remote DSC00444.JPG
deleting remote DSC00450.JPG
deleting remote DSC00556.JPG
deleting remote DSC00565.JPG
deleting remote DSC00590.JPG
deleting remote DSC00596.JPG
deleting remote DSC00630.JPG
deleting remote DSC00636.JPG
deleting remote DSC00656.JPG
deleting remote DSC00673.JPG
deleting remote DSC00674.JPG
deleting remote index.html
deleting remote
uploading pix\DSC00444.JPG to DSC00444.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00450.JPG to DSC00450.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00556.JPG to DSC00556.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00565.JPG to DSC00565.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00590.JPG to DSC00590.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00596.JPG to DSC00596.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00630.JPG to DSC00630.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00636.JPG to DSC00636.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00656.JPG to DSC00656.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00673.JPG to DSC00673.JPG as image
uploading pix\DSC00674.JPG to DSC00674.JPG as image
uploading pix\index.html to index.html as text
uploading pix\ to as application
Done: 13 files uploaded.

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