File: mergeall-products/unzipped/docetc/launcher-configs/_README.txt

UPDATE: the GUI launcher now uses icons in the top-level icons/
folder, which has newer icon images.  This folder is fairly
dated and nearly defunct, but its older icons can still be used.


UPDATE: See also the later GUI launcher in /launch-mergeall-GUI.pyw 
for an easier-to-use shortcut candidate, whose Windows and Linux icons
are also stored here.  The "desktop" icon is for manual Properties 
configuration on Windows: associate it with a GUI launcher shortcut 
via rightclick + Properties.

See the top-level /UserGuide.html for more details.


Optional console launcher configuration files.

Names of files here may be passed as a command-line argument to 
..\, to override hard-coded defaults in 
that script (though it still asks about each in the console).

Lines = initial from, to, and log directory path defaults for run.

Useful for 1-arg desktop shortcuts for common upload/download modes.

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