File: genhtml/Html-templates/test1.html

<HTML>                   <!-- may also want a $DOCTYPE$ insert at the top -->
<HEAD>                   <!-- may also want an encoding-type $META$ in HEAD -->
<TITLE>Test1</TITLE>     <!-- may also want a mobile-viewport <meta> in HEAD -->
<!-- CAUTION: this file is cp1252, not utf8 or latin1: -->
<!-- opening in the wrong encoding can drop its quotes -->







<H1>Test1 page</H1>

<P>Test that cp1252 slanted “quote” characters use non-ASCII encoding

<P>Test non-file date inserts... $_DATETIME$

<P>Test global inline inserts: $SIMPLETEXT$, $SIMPLETEXT$, $SIMPLETEXT$.

<P>Test that reference to nonexistent insert file is no-op: $NONESUCH$

<P>Test common footer block, with nested inserts:



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