File: frigcal-products/unzipped/icalendar/

from icalendar import compat

SEQUENCE_TYPES = (list, tuple)

def to_unicode(value, encoding='utf-8'):
    """Converts a value to unicode, even if it is already a unicode string.
    if isinstance(value, compat.unicode_type):
        return value
    elif isinstance(value, compat.bytes_type):
            value = value.decode(encoding)
        except UnicodeDecodeError:
            value = value.decode('utf-8', 'replace')
    return value

def data_encode(data, encoding=DEFAULT_ENCODING):
    """Encode all datastructures to the given encoding.
    Currently unicode strings, dicts and lists are supported.
    if isinstance(data, compat.unicode_type):
        return data.encode(encoding)
    elif isinstance(data, dict):
        return dict(map(data_encode, compat.iteritems(data)))
    elif isinstance(data, list) or isinstance(data, tuple):
        return list(map(data_encode, data))
        return data

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