File: frigcal-products/unzipped/docetc/unicode-cheat-sheet.txt

This is file docetc/unicode-cheatsheet.txt: example Unicode symbols and
text for copy/paste use in frigcal events.  See full description ahead. 

Symbols: a sample of BMP Unicode symbols supported.  See ahead for
links to many more available symbols to use in your events text.  

✓ ☓ ☑ ☒
☀ ☼ ☉
★ ☆
☂ ☔
⌛ ⧖ ⧗ ⌚ ⏰
☎ ☏
♥ ♡
► ▷
☛ ☚
⇨ ⇦
☞ ☜
☝ ☟
☺ ☹ ☻ 
♪ ♫
⚑ ⚐
⚔ ⚕ ☤ ⚖ ⚛ ⚒
€ ₤
† ‡ •

Text: non-English and non-ASCII event text to experiment with.  See
Google or Bing Translate to try other languages that Tk supports.

important event
Важное событие
événement important
mikilvægur viðburður
महत्वपूर्ण घटना
evento importante
중요한 사건
wichtige Veranstaltung
tärkeä tapahtuma
ਮਹੱਤਵਪੂਰਨ ਘਟਨਾ

[Full description]

Example Unicode symbols and text for copy/paste use in frigcal events.  

  These all work in calendar files, because the underlying 3rd-party 
  icalendar parser/generator library leveraged by frigcal uses general
  UTF-8 Unicode text throughout.

  These all work in GUI displays too, because Python's Tk/tkinter 
  GUI library also supports Unicode - they may be input and render 
  well in frigcal, as well as PP4E's PyEdit text editor (which also
  saves and loads text in Unicode files) and PyMailGUI email client 
  (which also encodes and decodes text per MIME Unicode conventions).

  This file itself is saved in the general UTF-8 encoding format, which 
  allows characters from multiple languages to be mixed.  Notepad does 
  roughly as well as PyEdit for this file's characters encoding, but 
  neither it nor Tk support every Unicode character (TextEdit seems
  to do better on Unix, and PyEdit does better everywhere).

  See frigcal version 1.7 release notes in DeveloperGuide.html for more 
  details on frigcal's support.  In short, Tk 8.6, its latest version 
  at this writing, is limited to Unicode characters having code points 
  in the range U+0000...U+FFFF (i.e., the BMP), but may support others 
  (e.g., new emojis) in a future Tk 8.7, that future Pythons may adopt.

  That said, Tk handles all modern languages, many symbols, and all the 
  text in this file well, in font families Courier, Times, Helvetica, 
  Arial, Consolas, Lucinda, and more (Tk searches for a glyph in all 
  its fonts, if absent in the family being used).  

  Note that some of these may impact GUI speed on some platforms (Mac
  Tk may render a few slowly in some fonts in rare cases).  Also note 
  that symbol appearance may vary per platform, and a few may not be 
  supported everywhere: paste these into a frigcal event-edit dialog 
  or PyEdit edit window to see how Tk renders them on your computer.

  For more Unicode symbols and characters to use in frigcal, try the 
  following links, and select characters there whose code points are 
  in the range U+0000...U+FFFF, per UserGuide.html's 1.7 notes:

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