File: frigcal-products/unzipped/dependencies/pillow-for-windows/README.txt

Pillow image processing library, Windows installers (optional)

Run the "win32" installers on 32-bit Windows systems, and the "amd64"
installers on 64-bit systems.  Other platforms: fetch Pillow on the web.

MAC OS X: after installing Python 3.X, run a "pip3 install Pillow"
in Terminal to install Pillow if needed.

UPDATE: as of frigcal version 1.6, Pillow is NO LONGER REQUIRED to display 
month images, when using either:

1) PNG images and a Python that uses Tk 8.6 or later (including standard 
   Windows installs of Python 3.4 or later), or 

2) GIF or PPM/PPG images under any Python 3.X and Tk.  

If you are using either image-type and Python-version combination, you do 
not have to install Pillow for frigcal month images.  See the top-level 
UserGuide.html for more dependency and release details.

**PYTHON 3.5 NOTE**: the early 32-bit Pillow installer here for Python 3.5 
may have some issues, though it's not yet clear if these are related to Python
3.5.0 or Pillow 3.0.0.  If this or any other of these installers fail to 
run for you, fetch the latest versions from the Pillow website described in 
"Using the Program" / "Dependencies", in the top-level UserGuide.html. 

UPDATE: as of Jan-2016, the former Pillow 3.0.0 installers for Python 3.5 on
Windows have been replaced with the newer Pillow 3.1.0 installers.  These may
or may not fix the 3.0.0 install issue, but you should still fetch the latest 
Pillow from the web if these fail or you are working on other platforms, and
you require Pillow for your Python and image file types.  Search on "Pillow
Python" for links, or browse the PyPI extensions site.

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