File: flatten-itunes.out.txt

{'keep': ['09 Once In a Lifetime.m4a',
          "01 We're An American Band.m4a",
          'Not Fragile (Turner).mp3',
          'If I Had $1000000.mp3',
          'Resignation Superman.mp3',
          'Against The Wind.mp3',
          ...more deleted
          'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight).mp3',
          "10 Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle.m4a",
          '02 Jungle Love.m4a',
          '16 Shambala.m4a'],
 'miss': ['.iTunes Preferences.plist',
          'iTunes Library Extras.itdb',
          'iTunes Library Genius.itdb',
          'iTunes Library.itl',
          '.iTunes Preferences.plist',
 'skip': ['05 Mack the Knife.m4p',
          '17 The Tale of Sir Robin.m4p',
          '11 Mr. Blue Sky.m4p',
          ...more deleted
          '15 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).m4p',
          '07 Banditos.m4p',
          '06 Bang a Gong (Get It On) [Single_L.m4p',
          '01 Beautiful Day.m4p']}
Total keep: 539
Total skip: 17
Total miss: 6

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