File: android-deltas-scripts/_etc/examples/x-1.1-verify-example/_readme.txt

This demos the phone verification scripts added in version 1.1.

This mode switches dataflow order (content moves from phone to
PC) but config-file settings work unchanged. 

The PC here was a 2020 MacBook Pro, the phone was a Z Fold3, and 
the proxy was a Samsung T5 external SSD.  The phone's content copy
was located in Android shared storage, but it was zipped in faster
app-specific storage by the scripts.  It must be zipped on phone
and manually copied to proxy (not zipped to proxy), because Python
scripts cannot access USB directly in Android 11+.

This demo uses the same very-large content set as the "large" 
examples in the parent folder (over 200G space and 160K files).  
Its runtimes may not be typical, and are probably a worst case: 
the verify requires ~400G on phone, proxy, and PC, and not all
devices have this much space.

The Termux wakelock was held for the phone script's run.  This 
lock is acquired and released automatically by the Termux widget 
shims used to run this demo.  This was added late in version 1.0.


The runs here verify roughly one month of to-phone syncs after
an initial copy.

All reported differences were valid.  Most (124 mixedmodes)
were symlinks, which cannot be stored in Android shared storage,
and morph into stub files there.  The rest (apart from one temp
Microsoft Office file) reflect eight changes made on the PC during
and after the phone-side verify-script run.  Hence: the phone's 
content copy is the same as the PC's.

For a > 200G-space/160k-file collection, total verify time was 
roughly one hour: 50 minutes on phone, plus 15 minutes on PC.  
This is far too slow for frequent syncs, but okay for rare 
verifies and exports.  Only symlinks would be lost by adopting
or merging the phone's unzipped content on the PC (and syncing
the proxy to match with a manual Mergeall, per _README.html).

NOTE: this example was not rerun for Mergeall 3.3, so its sync 
logfile content differs slightly from the current release.

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