File: android-deltas-scripts/_etc/examples/basic-shared-storage/runs/4-sync-changes-phone.txt

$ A=/sdcard/Download/fold3-vs-deltas/android-deltas-scripts

$ python3 $A/
Android Deltas Scripts 1.1

from /sdcard/
to   /sdcard/test-ads
logs /sdcard/Download/deltas-logs

Manually copy or move
    from the root of the USB drive
    to   /sdcard
using any Android file-explorer app with suitable storage permissions.

Press enter/return here when the copy is finished...

START: Unzipping deltas on phone
Press enter/return to continue
    Runtime: 0m, 0.157s
Zip extract summary:
    Extract finished: files=4, folders=4, symlinks=0, unknowns=0.

START: Applying deltas to phone
Press enter/return to continue
    Runtime: 0m, 0.247s
Mergeall summary:
    Compared    => files: 2, folders: 4, symlinks: 0
    Differences => samefile: 2, uniqueto: n/a, uniquefrom: 1, mixedmode: 0
    files   => created: 1, deleted: 1, replaced: 2
    folders => created: 0, deleted: 0, replaced: 0
Removing deltas folder from phone
    Runtime: 0m, 0.499s
Removing deltas zip from phone (remove manually from proxy as needed)
    Runtime: 0m, 0.111s

Running postcopy hooks

Finished - total elapsed time (h:m:s) = 0:1:47
See logs in "/sdcard/Download/deltas-logs".

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