Learning Python, 1st Edition table of contents

This book is a self-paced Python course for beginners, based largely on Python training material. As a preview, the top-level table of contents is listed below. There are two major sections in the book:

Standard disclaimer: This is always prone to change until the book is actually printed, but the chapters list below should be very close to the finished product's contents. Page counts are for a draft copy, and have only a relative relation to the actual book (typesetting usually expands the page count).

Preface                              (4 pages)

I.  The Core Language
    1.  Using the Interpreter        (12 pages)
    2.  Types and Operators          (32 pages)
    3.  Basic Statements             (19 pages)
    4.  Functions                    (21 pages)
    5.  Modules                      (17 pages)
    6.  Classes                      (33 pages)
    7.  Exceptions                   (12 pages)

II. The Outer Layers
    8.  Built-in Tools               (15 pages)
    9.  Common Tasks in Python       (20 pages)
    10. Frameworks and Applications  (15 pages)

    A.  Python Resources             (5 pages)
    B.  Platform-Specific Usage      (5 pages)
    C.  Solutions to Exercises       (20 pages)

Index                                (10 pages)

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