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This page is an index to recent noteworthy posts at this site—a.k.a. What's New. The toolbar wishes to note its objection to calling this a "blog," because that word is both fluid and trendy; but this qualifies on most counts (and "posts" got 30% fewer hits). Below you'll find both posting lists ordered with newer items nearer the top, and a Featured section that highlights pages noteworthy or popular per anonymous site analytics. Most items here are not book-specific; for resources that are, see your book's support page.


If you are like most people visiting this site, chances are good that you will be interested in the following pages. To visit, click on each page's image on the left or title on the right.

25 Years of SpamPython Activities History
Some history, opinion, and comedy from my quarter century of Python training, writing, and promotion (so far). Includes pictures from the training road: click the scroll or see 2016.
Frankenthon Lives!Python Changes 2014+
A technical and subjective (but fair) look at Python's expansion and convolution since the publication of Learning Python, 5th Edition. Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times...
Get Free Apps HerePrograms Central
The distribution center for free programs and software written in the Python programming language, which run on Macs, Windows, and Linux, and come with privacy baked in. Track this!
Free Python TutorialClass Workbook
The HTML workbook from the classes I formerly taught. It's not much without the words and interaction that go with it, and there are holes where live demos belong, but you might find some of it useful.


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Plus... this site opened in 1996, and has lots of additional content not listed here; the home and book pages lead to most of it.

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