thumbspage — Thumbnail Index Pages for Image Folders

Given an image files folder, this straightforward Python 3.X program generates a thumbnails subfolder, plus an HTML index page with thumbnail links to the full-size images and bullet links to any nested folders. It requires the 3rd-party Pillow image library, available here.

Run parameters—image folder path, thumbs per row, and thumbs max size—are input interactively in the console, and the index links page and thumbnails subfolder are created in the images folder itself. Custom HTML header and footer sections for the index page can also be provided in the images folder. Open the generated "index.html" (or other) file to view, and upload the resulting image folder to your website to publish. Full Unicode support and a basic GUI-mode viewer round out this program's features.

See the main script's docstring and other items below for usage details.

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This program was last changed: August 8, 2016.

For a related tool that zips and uploads images and a non-thumbnail index page, see pixindex. For more code examples, see the programs page.

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