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This page collects links to all of my publications' pages, and other related items on this site.

In the book lists below:

  • Each book covers fundamentals that apply to all Python releases.
  • Square brackets give Python version numbers current at publication.
  • All the books were published by O'Reilly Media.
  • I am the sole author of all the items except two, denoted by "coauthor."

FAQ: about future editions.

Index Pages

Learning Python
All editions of this language foundations tutorial
Programming Python
All editions of this applications programming tutorial
Python Pocket Reference
All editions of this quick-reference supplement
Publisher pages
Collected page links for all book editions

Current Publications

Learning Python, 5th Edition
A comprehensive language foundations tutorial for Python 3.X and 2.X, 1600 pages (June, 2013) [3.3, 2.7]
Programming Python, 4th Edition
A full-scale applications programming tutorial using Python 3.X, 1630 pages (January, 2011) [3.2]
Python Pocket Reference, 5th Edition
A reference supplement to the prior books for Python 3.X and 2.X , 260 pages (January, 2014) [3.4, 2.7]

Older Publications

Learning Python, 4th Edition
An in-depth introduction to Python 3.X and 2.X, 1210 pages (September, 2009) [3.0, 2.6]
Python Pocket Reference, 4th Edition
A Python 3.X and 2.X reference-only resource, 210 pages (September, 2009) [3.1, 2.6]

Learning Python, 3rd Edition
A full tutorial on Python 2.X language fundamentals, 750 pages (October, 2007) [2.5]
Programming Python, 3rd Edition
A Python applications programming tutorial book, 1600 pages (August, 2006) [2.5]
Python Pocket Reference, 3rd Edition
A Python reference, revised for Python 2.4, 160 pages (February, 2005) [2.4]

Learning Python, 2nd Edition
An introduction to the core Python language, primary coauthor, 620 pages (December, 2003) [2.3]
Python Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition
A Python reference, revised and expanded, 130 pages (November, 2001) [2.2]
Programming Python, 2nd Edition
A new advanced Python topics book, 1300 pages (March, 2001) [2.0]

Learning Python
An introductory level Python book, coauthor, 385 pages (April, 1999) [1.5]
Python Pocket Reference
A Python quick reference book, 80 pages (November, 1998) [1.5]
Programming Python
A comprehensive book about Python, 900 pages (October, 1996) [1.3]

Handbook of Programming Languages (chapter)
An overview for a Macmillan languages text, 120 pages (July, 1998) [1.4]

Assorted articles
Some of my articles, papers, and interviews online

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