thumbspage 2.1 Upgrades

This page demos the index-page thumbnail enhancements added in version 2.1, and captures the latest appearance of generated galleries. Though some details may be lost on smaller displays, most of the images below try to capture the before-and-after scenes of 2.1's deblurring. A few shots show the effect of 2.1's dynamic index-page layout, but this may be better judged at its standalone demo.

For more info on this version's changes, see the 2.1 docs and configs. For more about this page itself, see its how-to and custom header (use your view source for code). For more coverage of thumbspage, see the 2.2, 2.0, and 1.7 upgrade galleries, the full examples folder, and the current set of live demos. The example galleries and live demos have been regenerated with 2.1, but screenshots taken under older versions may naturally show the former slightly blurred thumbs.