Mergeall 3.3 GUI Changes

Mergeall 3.3 expands the scope of its -quiet flag: this flag now silences both per-item backup messages (its former role), as well as Unicode normalization messages (its new role). To support this, the GUI in 3.3:

See the screenshots below to sample these minor changes in action. All were captured on macOS, and all but one were run with Python 3.8 by app or source code. Most important: the AFTER shot shows the new main window in 3.3. For more fidelity, the app shot compares the prior (and Python 3.5-based) app's state, and the run-dialog shots show unrelated wording changes.

Caveat: the source, app, and executable packages are now all current with Mergeall 3.3, but the GUI's Android fork may never adopt 3.3's changes, because it's sadly become a functional dead end; details and alternatives here and here.

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