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Example Programs

This section contains Python example code listed in the table below, posted in part as supplemental learning resources for book readers. Though most of these examples span book scopes, the rightmost column gives the abbreviated name of the most directly related book or books (PP or LP).

The first three examples below are also complete applications that you may find useful in general. Their content also appears on the downloads page, in both zipped and unzipped form. The latter of these includes full source code viewable online.

For book example distributions—see your edition's support page. For book example screenshots—see the PP gadgets page. For Windows users—though rare, File Explorer's built-in zip support may silently fail to extract some files in zip archives of the sort used for many of the programs below; see this usage note for details and alternatives.

Example Description Tools Images Books
frigcal A "refrigerator"-style desktop GUI calendar tkinter, icalendar, Unicode 1   2   3   4   + PP, LP
mergeall Folder synchronization for manual "clouds" script+GUI, files, threads 1   2   3   4   + PP, LP
pymailgui POP/SMTP desktop email client (standalone) GUI, email, threads, MIME 1   2   3   4   + PP, LP
Utilities: Internet
sitesearch Add search to websites via CGI redirects web scripting, URLs 1   2 PP
thumbspage Thumbnail index web pages for image folders PIL/Pillow, files, Unicode 1   2   3 PP, LP
genhtml Static HTML inserts for website files files, text, Unicode 1   2   3 PP, LP
imapfetch Fetch email account folders using IMAP files, imaplib, email 1   2   3 PP, LP
pixindex Make/upload HTML+zipfile to view photos zipfile, FTP, text 1   2 PP, LP
cleansite Find unused local website files HTML and URL parsing 1   2 PP
pystockmood Guess market mood from live webpage text re, urllib, page scraping 1 PP
pylotto Give away Python books by lottery email, websites, random 1 PP
headcode Insert/remove code in a tree's HTML files files, Unicode, bytes 1 PP, LP
Utilities: Other
iconify Make a Windows icon file from PNG images struct, PIL/Pillow, bytes 1   2   3 PP, LP
treesize Report size taken by each folder and file os, files, recursion 1   2   3 PP, LP
unicodemod Convert a Unicode text file's encoding files, os, Unicode 1 PP, LP
fixeoln Swap Windows or Unix end-lines, on either files, Unicode, 3.X+2.X 1 PP, LP
pickcolor Simple color + RGB string chooser GUI tkinter GUIs, 3.X+2.X 1 PP
tagpix Collect photos, rename with date-taken tag PIL/Pillow, text, files 1 PP, LP
flatten-iTunes Itunes music directory reshaper tool folders, files, text 1 PP, LP
debugtypes Function args/result type-testing decorator decorators, types, bytes 1 LP
Code Demos
methods Classmethods versus staticmethods OOP class techniques 1 LP
coroutines Basic yield-based coroutines switcher functions, generators 1   2 LP, PP
generators The evolution of Python generators functions, generators 1 LP
map/lambda Nested loops via map+lambda and more loops, map, lambda 1 LP
aca_utils US health insurance premium tax credit basic math tools 1 LP
timers More on code timing (now in LP5E) time module 1 LP
matrixes More loops/comprehensions (now in LP5E) iteration tools 1 LP

General Posts By Date

This section contains posts that span books and editions. It's the closest thing to a formal "blog" on this site. The popular list reflects basic analytics, and the rest of this section is ordered with more recent items near the top. For more book-specific resources, see the support pages for individual books on the book links page.





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