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I am the co-author, with David Ascher, of Learning Python, a 385 page introductory-level book about the Python scripting language. This book was published by O'Reilly in April 1999. German, French, and Japanese language translations of this book were also published in 2000. Korean and Chinese translations reportedly appeared in 2001 as well, and a Polish language edition was published in 2002.

Learning Python is meant to be an introduction to Python for beginners, and others seeking a quick first look. It focuses on the core Python language, and includes numerous exercises with solutions to guide the reader through a hands-on learning experience. Because much of Learning Python is based on real training materials, it is designed to work like a self-paced introductory Python course. It also introduces more advanced Python applications, such as JPython, Tkinter, COM, and CGI.

New: information about the 2nd Edition of this book, to be released in December 2003, available here.

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