Index of /android-deltas-scripts

This is Android Deltas Scripts—an open-source system for propagating content from any PC to any Android 11 or later device. Run the Python scripts here on your PC and phone to copy content initially, sync it later for changes made on the PC, and verify or export content on your phone.

The net effect works around Android 11's revocation of direct USB access for POSIX programs like Python, and Samsung's removal of microSD cards. Direct syncs with Python code may be gone, but indirect syncs can work well if automated by tools like this.

To get started, open the _README.html usage guide here. You can also find screenshots and examples in the _etc subfolder here, browse the code in this top-level folder, and jump to the quickstart.

To fetch the complete package, get from, and unzip on your devices. To run the system, also get the source-code package of Mergeall; this embeds ziptools, which is also used here.