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This is pystockmood - a somewhat-experimental and not-at-all-serious
program that tries to guess the mood of the stock market from day to 
day by looking for a set of patterns in the text scraped from prominent
financial news reporting websites.  It demos and combines Python's
re and urllib libraries, as well as some fairly nasty comprehensions.

To use, run the main script,, whose code and comments are 
the full documentation for the program.  

Just for fun, this plays a song at the end; pystockmood.png captures the 
action.  You'll need to place 3 audio files (e.g., MP3s) of your choosing
in the audiofiles directory (stripped of its content here) and code their 
names in the script.  

The testfiles folder has example input pages, and file examplerun.txt is 
a, well, example run (most of it is pattern traces).

Get for all these parts in a single zipfile.