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pickcolor - select or view colors via their RGB strings.

With this simple script you can select a color using your platform's
color-chooser dialog, and get its #RRGGBB hex string to copy/paste into 
whatever configuration context you wish (ctrl or command + C to copy).  

Update, June 2017: you can now also enter a '#RRGGBB' hex string (with 
the quotes) in the input/display field at the bottom of the window, and
press Enter/Return to see the color it produces.  That is, you can go 
both from color to RGB string, and RGB string to color.

There are other ways to do this sort of thing, but this one works anywhere
that Python and Tk do too.  Borrowed from the frigcal progam, which allows
all its colors to be tailored in Python-coded config files; all other 
major apps at this site now do too.