Teaching Python: The Photos

This page collects assorted photos from my training and writing careers. The location shots are from Python training trips (1997-2015); they increase in both quality and quantity in later years because digital cameras hadn't yet taken off when I started teaching (yes, it was that long ago). Most pictures here are described on the Teaching Python page.

Usage tips: the thumbs below scroll as needed, and open custom image displays with navigation links and swipes. To resize images, resize your browser window, rotate your phone, click Full, or tap the image for browser-native view. You can also read narration along the way by tapping Note on toolbars or up-swiping on images, open image info with filename taps or down-swipes, and find more tips here.

Deeper dives: this page's $ALTPAGE$, and this gallery's generate and publish scripts demo builds. To make all this work, a Python program generates a browser-dependent stew of HTML layout, CSS styling, and JavaScript logic. Wasn't the web supposed to make this stuff easier?